Conor Maynard has been secretly dating ex-Eastender Preeya Kalidas?

Conor Maynard has been secretly dating ex Eastenders actress Preeya Kalidas.

Conor Maynard and Preeya Kalidas are reportedly seeing each other. Copyright [Wenn]

The 20-year-old singer had been keeping his romance with the 32-year-old beauty under wraps until the two were reportedly spotted leaving the BRITS together hand in hand.

Conor reportedly wanted to keep the relationship a secret in a bid to take things slowly.

A source told The Sun: “Conor didn’t really want to be photographed because he doesn’t know how things will turn out.

“He just wants to take things slowly. But he really gets on with her and she’s hoping there’s a future there.”

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Preeya had previously tweeted that she was a fan of the singer back in April.

She wrote: “Really like Conor Maynard – can’t say no.”

And it seems that neither could Conor- and why would he? Preeya is a knock out.

Conor Maynard hinted to omg recently that he was seeing someone. Copyright [Wenn]

Conor’s mentor Ne-Yo recently told omg! that he has been keeping tabs on Conor to make sure that he doesn’t get distracted by the opposite sex.

When we asked Conor about this, he hinted that there may have already been someone in his life.

“Well too late [I’ve been distracted]! No I’m joking. No I’ll definitely be cool, it’s hard you know, there are a lot of lovely ladies around.

“It’s fun, for me I try to make the most out of every situation and have as much fun as I can. I’ve been meeting so many amazing people on my travels.”

Turns out that lovely lady was Preeya all along.


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