Conor Maynard pays his own tribute to the London 2012 Olympic Games

Conor Maynard made a fitting tribute to London 2012 last night, as he performed with what appeared to be his very own troop of synchronized swimmers!

We wish more Olympic events featured Conor Maynard! Copyright: [wenn]

Last night, Conor was performing at London's G.A.Y when he was joined on stage by the troop of leotard clad lovelies.

What a way to celebrate the games, eh?

Easily one of the biggest names in pop right now, The Mayniacs were out in force to hear the Brighton singer bust out some of his amazing hits.

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We just know if we'd been there we would have definitely been singing along with every word.

And although his tunes were left out of the Opening Ceremony, Conor acknowledged the Olympics in this rather eye catching fashion!

Good thing she shaved her arm pits. Copyright: [wenn]

Talking of fashion, we would just like to quickly complain to London 2012 for making patriotic leotards a good look.

It's only a matter of time before Topshop starts stocking them and we all have to move next door to a gym so we can work out 24/7.

Lady on the end must have missed the joke. Copyright: [wenn]

Those leotards look ridiculously unforgiving, good job only athletes wear them!

What next? JLS recruit Olympic divers as backing dancers? One Direction enlist Beth Tweddle to star in new video?

Actually, both of those would be pretty cool, not to mention totes current!