Conor Maynard: It’s cool to be flying the UK flag in America with the likes of Ed Sheeran and One Direction- Exclusive

Conor Maynard has expressed his pride to be one of the many UK artists flying high in the US charts right now.

Conor Maynard exclusive interviewomg! talks exclusively to Conor Maynard behind the scenes at Mastercard's Priceless remakes shoot.

Talking exclusively to omg! behind the scenes at his Mastercard Priceless remake shoot, we asked Conor how it felt to stand alongside One Direction as one of the many Brits doing well across the pond.

He told us: “It’s crazy, I think for me it’s cool that so many British artists were put together and this amazing story of success has followed.

There are so many Brits being recognised right now and it’s amazing. Obviously they [Americans] all think I sound like Harry Potter which is kind of weird!

“But I think that when I pass by these artists it’s cool that we are flying the flag out there right now, it’s a lot of fun. I feel like I definitely want to keep focused on the music because it’s taking me so many places.

“I bumped into a few guys when I was out there- I bumped into Rita [Ora], Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding- a whole bunch of us.”

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Conor Maynard recently returned from America where he promoted his UK number one album ‘Contrast’.

He admitted to us however that he noticed a stark difference between UK and US fans.

He explained: “It’s kind of crazy in the US because in their heads, all the certain places I go to with the fans, they think I’m never going to come back there again because I’ve been to so many random parts of America.

Conor is proud of his achievements in the US. Copyright [Rex]

“So they try to make the most of each moment that they meet me -I’ll do a signing and they’ll turn up with muffins and doughnuts.

“It would be cool if one of them gave them to me but all of them give them to me and I’m like ‘OK I’m going to become morbidly obese if I carry on!’”

If you were watching the BRITS last night you will no doubt have noticed that Conor Maynard- along with Rita Ora and Delilah all surprised their super fans during the ad breaks.

Told that they would be simply remaking their idol’s music video (a pretty cool prize in itself), Conor, Rita and Delilah all showed up at the shoot to surprise their fans too.

Talking about the reveal, Conor said: “That was hilarious! He literally had no idea I was going to jump out so he was pretty shocked to say the least.

“But it was cool, all the extras where there so they added to the vibe- it wasn’t awkward or anything- I didn’t want to scare him! It was meant to be fun so all the extras were like ‘woah’ and he couldn’t believe it- it was cool, it was a fun vibe definitely.”

In celebration of MasterCard's 15th year as partner of The BRIT Awards, Conor Maynard gave a super fan the chance to remake one of his videos. Check out for more footage.