Conor Maynard: I wanted Cheryl Cole on my rider, I got...a FIG - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Conor Maynard had pretty lofty expectations of what he'd get on his rider at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball this weekend.

Conor Maynard wants to work with Calvin Harrisomg! spoke to Conor Maynard on the red carpet at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball

The pint-sized popstar told us he REALLY wanted to find Cheryl Cole in his dressing room.

But instead he had to settle for some fruit instead. At least they could have traded her in for Cadbury's?

Conor exclusively told Yahoo! omg!: "I didn't [get Cheryl Cole] no. I got in there and there was bananas, though and a couple of apples and a passion fruit.

"But it wasn't a passion fruit it was actually a fig. My tour manager told me it was a passion fruit and I embarrassed myself because I had a big meet and greet in my dressing room and I tried to show off that I knew what fruit it was. But it wasn't it was a fig."

Conor previously told omg! that he wasn't into anything unhealthy on his rider, revealing he only requests "honey, ginger and healthy stuff" for his dressing room.

So we imagine he would have been pretty pleased with his medley of fruit.

Meanwhile the 20-year-old's fans seem to be far naughtier than he is.

He told us: "Underwear is one of things that is thrown to the stage when I'm performing. Another thing is Mawoam. Me and my band sneakily tweeted our favourite sweets before we went on tour.

"I annoyingly chose a sweet that really hurts when it hits you in the face. I got hit by a scarf too. It doesn't sound very manly but it actually hurt. They scrunched it up very small."

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Conor Maynard told us he got a fig in his Jingle Bell Ball dressing room. Copyright [Rex]