Colin Farrell EXCLUSIVE: I’m proud of One Direction’s Niall Horan

One Direction aren't solely admired by teenage girls or dare we say it, older women too, even Hollywood A-listers are captivated by their charm with the boy's latest celebrity fan being Colin Farrell.

At last night's Total Recall premiere in Leicester Square omg! spoke to the star of the movie, Colin Farrell who initially stunned us by introducing himself (as if we didn't know who HE was).

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Once we'd calmed down we asked if he was proud of fellow Irish fittie One Direction's Niall Horan…

Colin told us: "Yeah sure, I'm proud of anyone that puts anywhere on the map can I be so un-nationalistic?

"I'm proud of all my fellow country men and women, I do love the place I come from even if I'm not there as much as I'd like to. Yes [I'm proud of] Horan absolutely."

colin farrell niall horanColin Farrell praised Niall Horan. Copyright [Wenn]

Bless, we now await Niall's reaction to this…

Another famous face Colin spoke about was his Total Recall predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger who Mr (fittie) Farrell described as: "He had me by about six inches and 120 pounds on me."

Hehehe we're not sure those six inches matter when you're as fit as Colin.

And if his humourous side doesn't do it for you, the mocking of himself over his female fans certainly will.

After asking the star if he thought the movie would reward him with even more female fans he mockingly yawned saying: "I have more [female fans]? I couldn't possibly have any more!

"I just enjoy doing what I do anytime anyone comes out man, woman, dog, child, birds - I'm just grateful for it all."

And we are grateful for having you in celebsville too Mr C!