Coleen Rooney goes on a Twitter rant about Camilla Parker Bowles, nope we didn’t see this one coming either

Coleen Rooney has launched into a Twitter rant against none other than the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Coleen has hiot out at the Duchess of Cambridge. Copyright [Rex]

In a wholly unexpected turn of events, Coleen, 26, vented on the social networking site following comments Camilla, 65, made about her spending habits.

She wrote: “I apparently paid around 5 million for my wedding dress!! Joke!!! Diamonds on it..... Not one! Camilla (Dutchess of Cornwall) should…

“…Know better and teach children to not always believe the rubbish reported in papers!! (sic)”

Careful Coleen, you don’t want to ruin Wayne’s chances of getting a knighthood.

Camilla Parker Bowels managed to get Coleen’s goat after it was reported today that she had made a joke about how much money Coleen had spent on her wedding dress.

The Telegraph reports that during a visit to a charity event, the Duchess saw a picture of Coleen Rooney, making a passing comment to James Wilson of charitable organization MyBnk.

James explained: “The particular slide she spotted was Coleen McLoughlin, Wayne Rooney's wife.”

"The question is 'how much does her wedding dress cost?' and it works out somewhere in the region of £5million, once she paid for it to be handmade and the diamonds.

"So she joked about just learning about being more sensible with your money."

Coleen was clearly less than impressed with the Duchess. Copyright [Rex]

We’re not sure what we are more shocked about to be honest.

The fact that Camilla Parker Bowles and Coleen Rooney are feuding with each other or that Coleen reads the Telegraph.

How bizarre.

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