Christopher Maloney wants Twitter abuse to stop, he’s not having a great time of it

Christopher Maloney has had a pretty emotional few weeks and it seems that all the negativity surrounding him is getting a bit too much.

Christopher MaloneyChristopher Maloney has begged for the online abuse to stop. Copyright [WENN]After the explosive revelations about  him this weekend at the X Factor final, Christopher Maloney has been receiving a lot of abuse on Twitter.

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So much so in fact that he's taken to Twitter to beg people to stop sending abuse.

Christopher said: "plz stop online abuse,all I done was follow my dream,coming 3rd was an achievement.feel gutted I didn't win an im unwell right now, plz xx" [sic]

Christopher Maloney tweeted this. Copyright [Christopher Maloney]

Christopher has probably been receiving quite a lot of hate following the reports that during the X Factor final weekend he called Carolynne Poole a 'c***', turned up drunk, shouted at a production staff member, tried to break in during filming before being banned from the whole event.


Christopher Maloney's nan probably still loves him though. Copyright [Christopher Maloney]The man himself is denying that he was banned from the performance, saying that he actually had a sore throat and was signed off by the doctor. Right.

However, apparently Christopher Maloney will still be appearing on The X Factor tour.

There were rumours earlier this week that he'd be banned from that as well, but a representative for The X Factor has confirmed that he and his jazz hands will be there in all their glory.