Christopher Maloney on the verge of quitting the X Factor after dressing down from producer?

Christopher Maloney is allegedly on the verge of quitting the X Factor after having a humiliating dressing down at the hands of the show's executive producer.

Chin up Chris, apparently you've been topping the votes for the past few weeks. [Rex]

After Christopher turned up late to rehearsals, X Factor big wig Mark Sidaway reportedly saw red, branding the singer's behavior as 'f****** unacceptable'.

Poor Christopher was left dumbfounded as the producer seemed to lose the plot, screaming at him in front of the crew and his fellow contestants.

A source from the show has now said that Christopher is considering leaving the show over the incident.

They explained: "It hurt him and made him consider if he should carry on. Others are late and nothing is said."

However, this is not the first time that the singer has arrived late to rehearsals.

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According to The Sun, Chris has now turned up late four times, making him very unpopular backstage.

Cheesy Chris has been turning up late throughout the show. [Rex]

A source told the paper: "Chris is one of the most disliked contestants backstage because of the way he treats the production crew and other performers."

However, another show insider has jumped to Christopher's defence, saying that the producer's actions were 'totally unfair'.

They told the Daily Mirror: "This rant from Mark Sidaway was totally unfair."

"Chris walked in a few minutes late and he was swearing and being aggressive."

Christopher Maloney controversially made it through to next week's X Factor show after managing to avoid the bottom two again despite the negative feedback he has been receiving for his 'cheesy' and 'dated' performances.

It was reported this weekend that Christopher has been topping the public for the past few weeks.