Christina Milian dons bikini for casual day at the beach

Christina Milian hit the beach today wearing, well, not much actually.

'Oh, is there a camera there?!' Copyright: [rex]

There are cut-away bikinis and then there are well, might as well just throw away the bikini.

And we do believe Christina's snake print number should be plonked in the latter category.

Which also included the sub-category: 'Is the camera on me? I had NO idea!'. See Jodie Marsh for more information.

We don't want to be mean but we literally can see through the whole thing.

Not that the lady in question seems to be bovved, as she spent the day larking about in the sea with not a care in the world.

There is cut-away and then there is may as well throw away. Copyright: [rex]

With particular disregard for her bikini top which seemed to slip off about a million times, resulting in one very unfortunate nip slip! Cringe!

However, Christina seemed happy enough to laugh it off.

The AM to PM singer was mooching about Miami beach to be precise, which certainly beats Brighton. Not that we would mind going to either at the moment!

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Ms Milian was out with her little girl, but luckily had a nanny on hand to watch her so she could enjoy a well deserved break in the surf.

Finally, dodgy bikini aside, can we just say, the lady has a blimmin' amazing bod. And we can be sure about that as we've certainly seen enough of it.

If anyone knows her bikini secrets then please let us know!

For now we will just make do with Radio 1Extra star, Gemma Cairney's: