Christina Aguilera celebrates Halloween with scary hair, *runs for cover*

Christina Aguilera's rainbow hair shows no sign of going away anytime soon and try as we might, we just can't grow to love it.

Well, it was Halloween so we will excuse the scary outfit. Copyright: [wenn]

We thought our eyes would adjust eventually, but it's just not happening.

Yesterday Christina experimented with some cute plaits.

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In the words of mean girls can SOMEONE say: 'Christina, neon dip dye is, like, so NOT going to happen'.

We want to love it, really we do, but it makes our eyes hurt.

You have to hand it to her, it's a brave choice. Copyright: [wenn]

We are all for a subtle dip dyeing a la Caroline Flack, but just not so keen when it veers into rainbow territory.

However, we reckon Ms Aguilera doesn't give two hoots if we like it or not, and you have to admire her for that.

And it seems that Christina's liberal attitude to hair colours extends to her son, Max after she admitted in a recent interview that he can dye his hair whatever colour he likes.

Christina says: "If Max wants to dye his hair blue tomorrow, he could do it."

And Christina confessed that Max pretty much does what he likes, even if that includes trying on his Mum's dresses!

"Max is obsessed with zombies, trucks and video games at the moment! But sometimes he wants to try on one of my dresses? I let him do everything".

We bet that is one story that Max will be chuffed everyone knows about in about ten years.