Chris Moyles jokes with JLS’ Marvin Humes about Rochelle Wiseman’s boobs *giggles*

We were half asleep when we tuned into Chris Moyles this morning to hear the JLS lads chatting live about their Sport Relief single.

But the conversation at 7.30am this morning was so rude that we were quickly jolted awake from laughing so much.

The Radio 1 DJ plunged straight into the boys' love lives (asking Marvin about the wedding and telling Aston to be more subtle when he's papped with girls).

Chris Moyles made fun of Aston/Wenn

And before we knew it Marv's Saturdays star fiance Rochelle Wiseman had been brought into the banter.

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JB mistakenly referred to his bandmate's "morning juices" (never a good idea), to which Moylesy replied that he didn't want to know about them *snigger*.

Referring to Rochelle he then said: "If that's what he calls his missus' breasts...".

But it was Marvin who got the worst of the banter/Wenn

The four boys broke into serious laughter - along with the rest of the R1 team but we're sure Roch was blushing from where she was listening.

Let's hope she was asleep!