Chris Brown tweets soppy Rihanna snap, we pray she doesn’t take him back

It seems Chris Brown might be trying to win back Rihanna after he posted this snap of the pair taken while they were recently together in Paris:

Chris tweeted this AFTER they had 'broken up' Copyright: [Twitter]

Chris tweeted the snap yesterday, just days after Rihanna tweeted that she was 'single' however quickly deleted the pic after about 15 minutes.


We've spent FAR too long despairing at the idea that these two were back together in the first place and were just getting back on track when this lands...

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Yep, we think ol' Chris might be trying to win Riri back with some rather cheap tactics.

We just really hope it doesn't work.

Things are very complicated when it comes to these two. Copyright: [wenn]

Rihanna and Chris Brown first dated in 2009 until he was convicted of assault after they got into a fight after the Grammys.

Rihanna's face was bruised where Chris had punched her and bite marks were also found.

So yes, now perhaps you can understand why we aren't so keen on them getting back together.

However, since the incident Rihanna has said in TV interview that she will never stop loving Chris and it seems he has a hold on her that no one can seem to change.

We just hope she has managed to see the light this time.