Chris Brown returns to Twitter, posts steamy Rihanna picture

Chris Brown has made a dramatic return to Twitter following his foul mouthed rant on the social networking site last week.

Chris Brown posted this picture of himself and Rihanna. Copyright [Instagram]

The 'Don't Wake Me Up' singer deactivated his account after he became embroiled in an argument with US comic Jenny Johnson.

However, not a week later and Chris has reactivated his account.

Someone clearly doesn't have any staying power.

On the eve of his return, Chris posted a rather steamy, or should we say smokey, picture of himself with Rihanna on Instagram.

At this point we think it is safe to say that the two are pretty much back together.

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The picture shows Chris Brown and a scantily clad Rihanna posing in a smoke filled room courtesy of Chris's cigarette (naughty naughty).

Underneath the snap, Chris wrote the caption: "What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?"

It seems like someone has a rather inflated ego.

Chris and Rihanna have both been extremely coy about their reportedly rekindled relationship with nether publicly confirming that they are an item again. and Rihanna aren't fooling anyone. Copyright [Instagram]

They have however taken to posting many an intimate snap of themselves via Twitter and Instagram over the past few weeks.

Guys, you aren't fooling anyone.

Chris left Twitter last week when he became caught up in a Twitter war after initially tweeting: "I look old as f***! I'm only 23."

Clearly not a fan of Mr Brown, comic Jenny Johnson responded to the tweet saying: "I know! Being a worthless piece of s*** can really age a person. RT."

Jenny was of course referring to Chris' conviction after he assaulted girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Needless to say, things got ugly between the two with Chris throwing around all kinds of unsavory words culminating in his leaving of the site.

Now back on Twitter, we don't doubt it will be long until Chris Brown goes off on one again.