Chris Brown catches Rihanna texting Drake, they split up AGAIN

Chris Brown was reportedly left fuming after he caught Rihanna texting her ex, Drake.

Chris and Rihanna reportedly rowed after the Grammys. Copyright: [rex]

So yes, the pair have split up... AGAIN!

*rubs head*

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We really are considering giving up even trying to follow whether they are together or not anymore.

Apparently, Rihanna was texting Drake on the night of the Grammys when Chris Brown caught her and went all kinds of crazy.

Drake at the Grammys where it's believed he and Rihanna were texting. Copyright: [rex]

A source told The Sun: “Chris and Rihanna had a big bust-up at the Grammys over Drake. She was messaging him and Chris saw and it didn’t go down well."

“Since that night they have barely spoken and have been doing their own things. For now they have split up but they will probably make up at some point.”

It's true, for every Rihanna and Chris Brown break up story there most be a make up story a couple of days later.

However, there is also a whole load more to this story as Chris and Drake already have their own problems minus a Rihanna being chucked into the mix.

The pair are currently embroiled in a bit of a legal battle after they had a fight in a club last year and each say the other started it (mature).

Drake was also reportedly refused entry to a club last week after Chris was already inside as bouncers wanted to avoid a similar incident.

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