Chipmunk and Alexandra Burke turn fashion designers for Children in Need

After her appearance as an X Factor judge last week, we were intrigued to see what Alexandra Burke would do next. And it seems she's turned her hand to fashion designing for Children in Need, along with rapper Chipmunk.

Alexandra Burke is designing party wear for Children in NeedThe pair are joining forces with socialite Tamara Ecclestone, actress Patsy Kensit and cricketer Kevin Pietersen to design a range of clothing for the charity.

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Chipmunk will be designing street wear for Children in NeedIn this exclusive video, we see the stars working alongside Debenhams head designer Ben de Lisi to create their fashion items.

Alexandra has been given the task of creating party wear, Patsy a smart tailored jacket, Chipmunk is creating street wear, Kevin (who by the way is rather easy on the eye - we'd never realised before,) is creating a shirt and tie and Tamara is designing occasion wear.

Patsy Kensit is creating a smart tailored jacket for Children in NeedAnd it seems the celebs are taking things very seriously. They've got mood books, and scraps of material and everything. Plus, being creative types they all have pretty firm ideas on what they want to create.

Kevin Pietersen is trying his hand at creating a shirt and tieAlexandra can't get enough of the glitter, Chipmunk's quite a good doodler and has already designed a body warmer and Tamara just wants lots of silk.

The celebs have been keeping scrap books of their ideasWe can't wait to see the finished products - we have a feeling that we'll be particularly excited about the party and occasion wear - just in time for the festive season. Hooray!

Alexandra Burke says she's very excited as she's always 'loved fashion.' We can tell, Miss Burke, we love your …