Cheryl Cole wants Girls Aloud Musical, so do we

We're excited enough about the Spice Girls musical, so the prospect of a Girls Aloud musical is amaze.

Cheryl Cole, Girls Aloud musicalCheryl Cole thinks a Girls Aloud musical would be "amazing". We agree. Copyright [Wenn]

The upcoming Girls Aloud reunion has got us squealing with anticipation already.

Add to that all the possible spin-offs and we're really crossing our fingers the gals will be back to stay.

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Cheryl Cole has given us hope that the Girls Aloud reunion could turn into a bigger project, as she's revealed a Girls Aloud musical would be "amazing".

The Spice Girls are doing it with their forthcoming Viva Forever musical and we reckon Girls Aloud have enough of a fascinating history to warrant the same treatment. Turns out Chezza agrees.

Girls Aloud musicalGirls Aloud the musical? Yes please! Copyright [Getty]

Speaking about a Girls Aloud musical, Cheryl Cole told Digital Spy: "That would be amazing!

"That would be funny. I can't imagine myself... Kimberley [Walsh] would be amazing because she's a theatre veteran now.

"It would be pretty amazing that someone could play those parts in the theatre. That would really be a compliment, I think."

Amazing indeed.

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Cheryl Cole's new album A Million Lights is in second place to Justin Bieber's Believe in the mid-week chart, trailing by 3,000 copies.

Her single 'Call My Name' looks like it will be knocked off the number one spot this Sunday too.

Still, we reckon Chezza should be chuffed with what she's achieved AND she can start planning that Girls Aloud musical...