Cheryl Cole unveils GIANT back tattoo as Girls Aloud kick off their reunion tour

Cheryl Cole has unveiled her new tattoo during the first leg of the Girls Aloud reunion tour.

Cheryl Cole showed off her new back tattoo. Copyright [Getty]

And we must say, we’re rather shocked at the sheer size of it.

The 29-year-old singer flashed the back tatt during the Newcastle leg of the ‘Ten’ reunion tour last night.

Cheryl Cole's tattoo covered the base of her back. Copyright [WENN]Placed on the entirety of her lower back, the detailed tattoo boasts two large red roses, covering up her previous smaller butterfly design.

Cheryl's back tattoo is the latest in a long line of inkings. Copyright [WENN]The singer previously admitted that she was addicted to getting inked and hinted that one day, when she plucked up the courage, she would get one to cover her whole back.

Well, she’s now a third of the way there.

Cheryl Cole already has two other tattoos on her back. Copyright [WENN[She said: "If it was up to me - and I could be brave for one day - I would have my whole back done.

"My friends say 'Cheryl, please, you might regret it' - but to me, it's art."

Cheryl Cole had this tattoo saying 'Mrs C' when she got married to Ashley. There were rumours she'd get it removed, …It looks like Cheryl friends warnings were said in vain.

Still, it’s her choice we suppose.

Cheryl Cole also has a barbed wire tattoo on her leg. Copyright [Rex]During the gig, the girls dazzled in a number of eye catching outfits as they belted out a string of their greatest hits.

One costume change included the girls all wearing bejeweled bodices, tiny hot pants and fish nets.

They sure do know how to put on a show.

Cheryl Cole has a tribal inking on the side of her hand too. Copyright [Rex]Given that Newcastle is Geordie Cheryl’s hometown, the singer was understandably excited to be performing the first gig there.

Cheryl Cole also has a tattoo on her bum. Copyright [Rex]She told screaming fans: “There is no other place in the worlds we’d rather be than here with you Geordies.

"Are you ready to party with us? It’s been a long time coming!”

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