Cheryl Cole tweets that she’s not well, we hope Tre brings her some chicken soup

It seems that even very busy pop stars aren’t immune from coming down with the lurgy this winter- just ask Cheryl Cole.

This is the best 'ill looking' picture we could find. Copyright [Wenn]

The 29-year-old pop star took to Twitter today to reveal that she was feeling somewhat under the weather.

The singer wrote on her official Twitter feed: “Not well at all :( ”

Right Tre Holloway, it is your duty as Cheryl’s boyfriend to attend to her every need.

Sorry, but that’s the law.

Let’s just hope it’s nothing serious.

Not just because being ill is completely rubbish but also because Cheryl Cole has to rehearse for her upcoming Girls Aloud reunion tour.

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Girls Aloud will split once their tour finishes. Copyright [Wenn]

With the first gig due to kick off next month, the girls are going to need to get their skates on to perfect their vocals and dance routines for their adoring fans.

Especially as this will be the last time the group will perform together.....ever.

It was reported earlier this week that the band had planned all along to finally call it a day once they perform their final leg of the tour on March 23.

Following the success of the ticket sales, each member looks set to pocket a cool £1 million each.

Not bad for a 12-date tour.

Let’s just hope Cheryl Cole returns to her good health soon so she can crack on with re-learning those tricky moves to ‘Love Machine’.

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