Cheryl Cole and Tom Daley have Twitter banter, new BFF alert?

It's not just us getting into the Olympics spirit - it seems Cheryl Cole has been glued to her screen watching the events unfold, too.

Cheryl Cole and Tom DaleyCheryl Cole tweeted Tom Daley last night. Copyright [Rex/PA]Last night, Cheryl Cole tweeted Tom Daley to tell him that she was a big fan. We reckon this probably lifted Tom's spirits after a tough couple of days where he failed to pick up a medal in the synchronised dive and was then verbally abused by a Twitter troll.

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However, Cheryl's tweet to Tom Daley wasn't just a message of support, but a funny comment which probably made Tom giggle.

Cheryl tweeted Tom saying: "@tomdaley1994 I think you are amazing! Will you teach me how to swan dive?"

Tom DaleyTom Daley has recently admitted he's a fan of Cheryl Cole. Copyright [WENN]The dive comment was of course a reference to Cheryl's performance on The Voice where she made her entrance by swan diving onto the stage.

Tom instantly replied, saying: "Of course!!! But first you need to follow me ;)"

Cheryl then said: "Deal #followed," with Tom Daley now sitting pretty at the top of her 'following' list.

Cheryl Cole swan diveCheryl Cole took a swan dive off The Voice stage. Copyright [BBC]We reckon Tom will be pretty blimmin' pleased with this, seeing as just a few weeks ago the diver revealed he fancies Chez.

Tom said: "She is just so sexy and my type."

He went on to explain what he'd do if he took her on a date: "I would take her for a hot air balloon ride that ended with a BBQ on the beach in the sunset. It's not very glamorous, but I think she might like a change."

Here's hoping Cheryl makes an appearance at Tom's next Olympics event on Saturday.