‘Cheryl Cole told me to do Strictly Come Dancing’ says Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh has confessed that it was Cheryl Cole who convinced her to finally sign up for this year's Strictly Come Dancing.

Cheryl convinced Kim to sign up for Strictly! Copyright: [BBC/wenn]

Yep, it was Chezza who gave Kim the final push to sign her name on what we imagine must be a sequined line.

Kimberley says she asked all the girls for their blessing before making her decision and it was Cheryl who basically gave her no choice but to say yes!

"I asked all the girls before I signed up to it, and Cheryl basically told me I had to do it. She gave me no choice!"

Vintage Girls Aloud in all their glory! Copyright: [wenn]

"They're really excited about it - they're really happy that I'm doing it. For them it's going to be great because they can just chill out and watch. "

"They are really supportive of the decision, so they'll no doubt be coming down to cheer me on."

This got us thinking — if she is so keen then maybe next year Cheryl could have a go herself?

We've seen that video for Parachute and happen to know she would be pretty excellent at the old tango.

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But back to this year, we just know Kimberly will do an ace job, especially after all those Girls Aloud dance routines.

However, Kimberley thinks her dancing background might make the judges hard on her:

"I have danced before but not ballroom at that level, and I've always had the girls around me when I dance so this is a new challenge,"

"I'm going to push myself, and I think the judges are going to be hard on me especially on the technical side, so I don't think my past will make it any easier."

Eek, we are so excited for Saturday and just dying to know who is going with who!