Cheryl Cole talks being frenemies with Simon Cowell

Aside from the odd tweet here and there, Cheryl Cole has kept fairly quiet about former BFF Simon Cowell after he unceremoniously sacked her from the US X Factor.

However, this morning on Radio 1, Cheryl Cole spoke out about her relationship with Simon Cowell for the first time in a year, calling him a 'frenemy'.

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Cheryl Cole chatted to Chris Moyles about the situation, with Chris asking: "Are you two friends?"

Cheryl, who looked gorgeous in a canary yellow top, black blazer and patterned skinny jeans, replied: "Yeah. Well, frenemies. Nothing's changed there. We've had some very interesting conversations."

Cheryl Cole looking gorgeous as she arrived at the Radio 1 studios this morning/ WENNOoh, intriguing. Cheryl went on to tease us further, saying: "You know what? I've enjoyed this past year making the record. If you're asking, 'Have I spoken to him since?' Many times. If you're asking if we've had interesting conversations?' Very."

However, she wouldn't be pushed on what these conversations may have been. "Ooh, wouldn't you like to know?" she said, smiling.

Cheryl Cole waved to fans as she arrived at Radio 1 / WENNShe continued: "There's been a lot of rubbish written about what's happened."

Despite Simon claiming that he almost managed to convince Cheryl to come back to judge the UK X Factor, she said she hasn't given much thought to working with Simon again.

"I've not thought about it," Cheryl said. "I haven't had time, I've been recording the album."

Cheryl Cole has called Simon Cowell her 'frenemy' / WENNThe last public contact the pair had was over the weekend when Simon tweeted Cheryl about her new single, Call My Name.

He tweeted: "I heard the new @CherylCole single today. I.Love.It. It's going to be a big hit."

Cheryl replied: "SayMyName Baby *raspberry*lol RT "@SimonCowell: I heard the new @CherylCole single today. http://I.Love.It. It's going to be a big hit."