Cheryl Cole sweats at G.A.Y, still looks fit as

It's a relief to know that even goddess Cheryl Cole has normal people's problems.

Cheryl Cole G.A.YCheryl Cole got all sweaty at G.A.Y last night. Copyright [Wenn]

The Geordie goddess hit G.A.Y last night looking FIT in a tiny pair of hot pants and a crop top.

But Cheryl Cole proved she IS human after all after she got all sweaty (just like us when we've done a bit of jogging).

Chezza, who wore a multi-coloured, glittery matching two-piece which showed off her belly, looked pretty out of breath as she paused during her energetic routine.

Cheryl Cole G.A.YCheryl Cole looked divine despite her little beads of sweat. Copyright [Wenn]

And yes we could see ACTUAL beads of sweat on her little furrowed brow.

Pegging it around the stage with a load of hunky dancers in a pair of fishnet tights and white ankle boots obviously has its downsides.

Cheryl Cole G.A.YCheryl Cole pegged it around the stage with topless male dancers. Copyright [Wenn]

But in true Cheryl style, she actually managed to carry off the *sweaty face* with serious aplomb.

Props to her. We're officially WELL JEL.

Cheryl Cole G.A.YCheryl Cole looked fit AS on stage at G.A.Y. Copyright [Wenn]

Cheryl made sure she had one helluva a good night on stage at the London club as she downed shots with her dancers during the routine.