Cheryl Cole to sue X Factor USA for a whopping £1.4million

Cheryl Cole is to sue X Factor USA for a whopping £1.4 million after she was unfairly sacked last year.

Cheryl is suing the show that sacked her. Copyright: [wenn]

If you care to cast your minds back, Chezza was whipped over to the US by Simon Cowell to sit on the judging panel.

However, after a few audition stages Simon was not happy with how her performance was going and asked a producer to sack her.

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Cheryl then was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger and Simon didn't even do the dirty work himself.

This is what Cheryl alleges in her book anyway.

Nicole and Cheryl at the launch of X Factor USA. Copyright: [wenn]

However, it has been revealed today that finally Cheryl will take action over the unfair dismissal.

Even though she was paid the full £1.1 million fee which would have been for the whole series.

Y'see Cheryl is now complaining she was promised money for a second series too and was never paid for that.

Chezza is also asking for expenses she was allegedly promised including a whopping $100,000 for wardrobe (yep, as in clothes).

She also wants $25,000 for her stylist fees, $15,000 a month for hotel or apartment rent and another $2,500 monthly payment for general living expenses.

That is a whole load of cash.

The lawsuit comes at a time when Simon Cowell is supposedly trying to woo Cheryl into returning to the UK show for next year.

It's believed his has offered her £2 million, half a million more than Gary Barlow currently gets.

So we reckon Simon had better cough up if he wants Cheryl back in the UK next year.