Cheryl Cole shares skinny weight loss photo on Instagram, sparks worry among her followers

In our opinion, she always looks amazing.

Cheryl Cole sparked worry after posting this skinny photo on Instagram. Copyright [Instagram] However, Cheryl Cole sparked concern among her Instagram followers after she shared a photo showing considerable weight loss and very skinny legs.

Cheryl, 30, posted the photo which shows her wearing jeans, a blue top, black fluffy jacket and a baseball cap to joke about how tight her jeans were.

She posted it alongside the caption: "How many stretches, lunges, and squats do you think I did today to get into these trousers #unexpectedyogaclass."

Cheryl Cole has lost weight since the Girls Aloud tour back in March. Copyright [WENN] But despite her light-hearted caption, Cheryl was quickly inundated with comments telling her she looked too thin.

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One commenter said: "Too skinny Cheryl :( I'm really worried please tell me you are ok." [sic]

Another said: "Why so skinny? I guess too much stress."

Cheryl Cole's weight plummeted in 2008 after Ashley Cole cheated on her. Copyright [Rex] Another commenter said: "Ur far too thin,
thigh gap pro ana, ur a role model , eat some food ffs skinny is sik." [sic]

Another agreed, saying: "i love cheryl but she does have a gap n is too thin she looks underweight shes a 30yr old woman not a 14yr old girl." [sic]

Cheryl's weight has famously fluctuated over the years with her dropping to a tiny size 6 in the wake of the Ashley Cole cheating allegations.

Cheryl Cole looked amazing at Kimberley Walsh's book launch. [Getty] When she put on weight earlier this year, she was then faced with pregnancy rumours.

However, the singer maintains that she eats healthily most of the time and allows herself to indulge her sweet tooth now and again too.

She recently revealed: "I'm not eating McDonald’s and pizza every day, but I do allow myself one cheat day a week, I have a really sweet tooth and love cupcakes and doughnuts."

She continued: "I try to avoid them [diets] like the plague, that can get you into a vicious cycle, I did it when I was younger."

In 2002 a fresh faced Cheryl competed in Popstars: The Rivals. Little did she know back then that Girls Aloud would become one of the biggest UK girl groups of all time. Copyright [PA]
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