Cheryl Cole says she is NOT getting married, rumours were a load of rubbish

Cheryl Cole has said she is most definitely not getting married just yet.

Is it too early to call them Trezza and Chezza? Copyright: [wenn]

Over the weekend rumours were coming thick and fast that the Girls Aloud star was planning to get hitched to her boyf Tre Holloway.

However, now Chezza herself has jumped to her own defence saying that she has no plans to walk down the aisle just yet.

Cheryl has completely shut down any marriage talk, calling it 'silliness'.

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The pop star wrote: "Ok.. That's enough silliness now from the media!! I am not, nor am I getting engaged or married! Stop it... Its pretty pathetic and very corny!!"

Bah, and here we were searching ASOS for the best hats.

However, we definitely wouldn't rule it out for the future and are sticking by our work that Chezza will marry Tre... eventually!

Kimba reckons Tre is the the one! Copyright: [rex]

And it would seem Cheryl's BFF and band mate Kimberley Walsh would be inclined to agree with us after she said she reckons they will 'go the distance' on the Jonathan Ross show.

"Yeah he's a lovely guy so I'm happy that he makes her happy. I think it could definitely go the distance, yeah they're really happy," Kimba told Jonathan.

Now, reading between the lines what we heard was: "YES, CHERYL WILL MARRY TRE!"

However, that's because we are, in the words of Chez, 'silly'.

Sorry, but can you blame us for being optimistic?

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