Cheryl Cole has ‘no plans’ to return to X Factor, Simon Cowell presumably stomps feet

Cheryl Cole says she has no plans to return to X Factor, despite Simon Cowell's reported incessant offers.

Cheryl Cole says she won't be returning to the X FactorWith X Factor 2012 just finished reports are already spreading that the judging panel could be in-line for a shake-up. But Cheryl Cole says she will not be going back:

Cheryl would like to 'move on' from X Factor. Copyright: [rex]

A source close to the Girls Aloud star told The Sun that Cheryl has 'moved on' since leaving the show two years ago.

Cheryl on the show with her girls Rebecca Ferguson, Katie Waissell and Cher Lloyd. Copyright: [itv]

The friend said: "Cheryl really enjoyed her time on the show but she has moved on. She had three really good years and wants to leave it there."

The singer's spokesman confirmed: "Cheryl has no plans to return."

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We say a big fat: 'NOOOOOOO!'

Honestly, after all the rumours of an X Factor shake up and those picture of Cheryl round Simon's last week, we really thought a return was on the cards.

Call us optimists if you must.

Cheryl wants to work on her music career. Copyright: [wenn]

However, it's believed Chezza wants to work on her music career, and plus, it probably would have bit a bit awkward to return at this very moment in time...

Cheryl is currently in the midst of a £1.4m lawsuit against the US show after she was unfairly sacked and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger last year.

Chezza also says in her autobiography how let down and shocked she felt by the whole incident.

Yeah, so we probably should have seen this coming to be honest.

We reckon if Simon Cowell is ever going to get his own way, he is going to have to pull something pretty spectacular out the bag...