Cheryl Cole risks plane crash to promote album

Cheryl Cole has earned her (celebrity) stripes but she turned things up a notch recently when she appeared to have risked it all to continue a promo tour.

cheryl coleCheryl Cole opened up about narrowly escaping a plane crash. Copyright [Twitter/Cheryl Cole]

While at Frankfurt airport Cheryl Cole experienced a terrifying moment when a storm erupted just before the private jet she was flying on took off.

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The star told The Sun: "I was so scared that I thought, 'This is it. I've got an album to promote and I've got so much yet to do!'"

After lightening struck the runway very near the aircraft the brunette beauty reached for the sick bag in a panic.

cheryl coleCheryl Cole described how lightening struck just metres from her plane. Copyright [WENN]

Cheryl continued: "We were stuck in the plane and just sitting on the runway and a bright massive flash of light hit outside the aircraft. I said to my friend, 'That's lightning' — then it just didn't stop."

We'd be scared too!

Fortunately the plane didn't take off while lightening was flashing as the singer added: "We had to stay put in the aircraft on the runway. They couldn't even take us back to the terminal.

"When we finally took off about an hour later I was terrified we'd be hit by lightning in the air."

cheryl coleWe're glad Cheryl Cole is ok now! Copyright [WENN]

What with her turbulent love life and a roller coaster year career-wise, it doesn't surprise us that Chezza had the strength to pull through.

She said: "I remembered I'd climbed Kilimanjaro, so took a bit of strength from that."

Yey! We avoided the whole story without making a joke about Cheryl not needing a parachute, oh wait....