Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Helen Mirren and…er…Nando’s. We get all the gossip from Josh Osho

Cheryl Cole and Rihanna are the standard crushes for many of us - boys and girls. When we met London singer Josh Osho for a coffee at one of his local cafes, we were expecting him to agree.

We were in for a shock, however, when he told us, "Rihanna's butted. Cheryl Cole's nice but this whole Ashley Cole saga's put me off her. She's a bit moist. She can do better, she seems a bit desperate. It's unattractive. She should be more independent."

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Wow, he certainly doesn't mince his words. Who does he fancy then? "Who's the lady that played The Queen in that film?" Helen Mirren? "Yeah, her."


Josh has been working on his music since the age of 18 but it's only recently that he's hit the big time. American rap star Ghostface Killah featured on his last single, and he's doing the honours on Wretch 32's next offering.

However, having slogged away at his career for years, Josh isn't so keen on shows like The X Factor. He told us: "I think it's quite disheartening to see 16 and 17 year-olds on there when they haven't given it a proper go. From a young age it kills any sense of self sufficiency or creativity. You get 15 and 16 year olds going on x factor because we live in a society where everything's 'now, now, now.'

"It's not to say they don't work hard on X Factor, but the experience you get from gigging all around the place and working with different writers and stuff is priceless. It makes you enjoy the successes a lot more."

So has he used his success to blag anything amazing? "Nah that's not really me. Ed Sheeran did this thing a while ago when he was in Norwich or somewhere in a café and he tweeted, 'If someone can come here with a blue piece of lego and a chocolate yazoo, they'll get a prize." I'd probably do something like that. I think everyone wants a Nando's Black Card"

Ah yes the famous Black Card - lots of celebs have these. What exactly does it entitle you to? "It's for you and three other people to get free Nando's for a year. I'm so easily pleased."

How we ended up on a chicken detour is beyond us. Back to serious questions. Josh modestly claims that he's not yet been spotted on the street, but he has already had some pretty intense fan experiences:

"I was in Loughborough. I went to do a uni ball," he explained, smirking. "No one knew me but it was a really electric performance. Half way through there was this girl in the front row who kept lifting her top up. Then, the microphone stand was right in front of her and I went up to it and she tried to grab my piece!"

Blimey! How does one respond to that?! "I just carried on — it was really funny though. In the same performance they kept asking me to take my top off which I wasn't going to do. So I threw a towel into the crowd and this group of girls who were there together got into a fight over it!"

To be honest, we probably would have joined in. He is rather tasty. With all of this adoration, how is Josh managing to stay grounded? "I'd probably say, in a non-hedonistic way, that I enjoy the now, enjoy the present. Not in a 'Go around, throw TV out of windows and have sex with 10 girls every single night,' but just each single moment you're in, enjoy it."

Good advice indeed.

Josh's debut single 'Redemption Days' feat. Ghostface Killah is out now on iTunes.