Cheryl Cole reveals Kate Middleton is a fan of her music

Cheryl Cole and Kate Middleton are two of our top girl crushes, so the news that theygot on well when they met has made us very pleased indeed.

Cheryl Cole has revealed Kate Middleton is a fan of her musicCheryl Cole has revealed Kate Middleton is a fan of her music. Copyright [Rex]

However, not only did Cheryl Cole and Kate Middleton have a good old gossip when they met, but the Duchess of Cambridge revealed she's also a fan of Cheryl's music.

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Cheryl Cole revealed: "She was incredibly girly and sweet. Kate is really down to earth and we talked about fashion. She said she loved my music."

We can just imagine Kate Middleton donning her best clashing prints and swan diving off the sofa a la Cheryl Cole on The Voice.

Kate Middleton at WimbledonCheryl Cole described Kate as 'sweet and girly.' Copyright [Rex]Cheryl went on to confess her love for Prince Harry, saying that the crush she has on him has become 'banter' between the pair.

The Call My Name singer said: "Everybody knows I have a soft spot for Harry. He's cute. I've met him several times and we laugh about it.

"It's a bit of banter between us. He's so ordinary and a normal 27-year-old who is living in a crazy world and we can bond over that."

Right, who else now wants Cheryl and Harry to get married and for her and Kate to be beautiful sisters in law?