Cheryl Cole refusing to pay former bodyguard £70k in owed wages?

Cheryl Cole is allegedly refusing to pay for the services of her former US bodyguard.

Cheryl Cole apparently owes a lot of money to her former bodyguard. Copyright [Wenn]

And it's not exactly a small sum of money either.

The Girls Aloud singer reportedly owes bodyguard Craig Balkam £70,000 in services.

According to the Sun, a pal of Craig told the paper that Cheryl Cole has ignored his requests of payment.

They said:  "Craig would have taken a bullet for that girl. He can't believe what's happened."

Craig is now apparently seeking legal advice and is livid with the singer given her wealth.

He apparently said: "She's got a lot of nerve — she's ignored all my requests for payment.

"She has around £30 million in the bank and could pay me tomorrow with a click of her fingers, but is refusing to."

Cheryl is currently suing the the US X Factor. Copyright [Wenn]

The money Cheryl owes Craig is for the three months he spent by her side while in the US during her employment on the US X Factor.

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Ironically, Cheryl Cole is currently suing the show for unpaid wages.

Pot, kettle, black anyone?

Cheryl is suing the Simon Cowell owned show a huge £1.4m for unpaid services and additional costs.

So perhaps her bodyguard's bill comes under the title 'additional costs'.

If this is the case, Craig could be waiting a while.