Cheryl Cole’s Ma bans any Tre Holloway Christmas Day proposals, sounds like one tough cookie

Cheryl Cole's Ma Joan has reportedly banned Tre Holloway from proposing to her daughter on Christmas Day.

Cheryl Cole's mum stops proposal?Apparently Cheryl Cole's boyfriend wanted to ask her to marry him on Christmas Day, but Cheryl's mum has put a stop to that!

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It's believed Tre was planning on getting down on one knee after the turkey, but his plans have been cut short.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Tre called Joan and said he wanted to propose to Cheryl when they are in America with his parents."

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"He wanted to do it on Christmas Day, but Joan refused to give her blessing."

Well, we agree with Joan, it would be a little hasty after the pair have only been dating since the summer.

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Even if they do seem ridiculously loved up.

The source added: "She's warming to Tre but there's no way she's going to let another man take Cheryl down the aisle so quickly."

Cheryl of course famously divorced footballer Ashley Cole in 2010 after six years together.

"Tre's got his work cut out if he thinks he can get around Joan so soon."

Cor, this one sounds like a tough cookie but we reckon if any man can melt her, it's sure to be Tre! We just hope he is up for the challenge.