Cheryl Cole, Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham try Lindsay Lohan’s new hair

Lindsay Lohan's new platinum blonde hair may not flatter her face as well as some other 'dos, but omg! wanted to see if it would suit any other celebrities…

We did a (very rough) Photoshop job and tried Lindsay's new locks on some of our fave stars, here's what happened…

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Cheryl Cole can just about pull off a bright blonde look providing there's plenty of volume and body.

Victoria Beckham on the other hand is much more beautiful as a brunette and should stay away from the bleach.

We can't see Amy Childs as anything else other than a red head but she almost nails this look.

And as for Kim Kardashian, her perfect features are framed flawlessly whatever her hair hue — we think she wears the look better than Lindsay .

Do you agree?