Cheryl Cole gets cosy with boyfriend Tre Holloway in fly on the wall documentary, regrets doing the show?

Last night Cheryl Cole's intimate documentary Cheryl: Access All Areas aired on ITV2.

Cheryl and Tre get cosy in the doc. Copyright [ITV2]

And it's safe to say that the title of the show was rather spot on.

The notoriously private singer wasn't afraid to reveal an insight into her new relationship with her backing dancer Tre Holloway.

Kissing and cuddling throughout the show, Cheryl Cole seemed oddly at ease to bare all in front of the camera.

Cheryl couldn't help but stare and Tre's chest. Copyright [ITV2]

In a conversation between the two Cheryl was seen holding a magazine and jokingly asked her boyfriend: "Did you know we're getting married in the winter?"

Tre simply replied: "I can't handle that."

Cheryl added: "It still blows my mind the amount of lies and rubbish is written about me by people in an office.

"It's all new to Tre it's crazy to him, I've had it for ten years I know how it works. It's more hurtful when the media intrude on my loved ones, they didn't ask for this."

Cheryl and Tre practiced for their wedding dance. Copyright [ITV2]

Before the show aired, Cheryl Cole took to Twitter to see who would be watching the documentary and it seemed that she may have been regretting making it altogether.

She tweeted: "My Access All Areas behind the scenes tour documentary is on tonight 9 on Itv2 !! Who'll be watching ???  #AAA"

"I literally had a friend of mine filming so that i would not feel like i had a 'camera crew' in my way and at times forgot myself..

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"I have since regretted this decision at the number of times i cringed watching it lolololol..

"Oh well.. It is def Access All Areas. Up close personal and RAW hahaha (sic)"

Well there's nothing you can do about it now Chez!