Cheryl Cole falls prey to world’s worst trousers, they are back

Cheryl Cole is the latest celeb to fall prey to the world's worst trousers.

Our hearts go at to Cheryl at this difficult time. Copyright: [wenn]

Ms Cole's condition ranks her among some already incredibly high profile company.

A deadly strain of the trousers, which have already claimed victims such as Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, are back for the Christmas period.

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Following this new development, scientists have been closely monitoring it for its potential to mutate and affect humans worldwide.

It's believed they are most fearful for the cast of TOWIE, and that Essex could be next.

Three victims already but just who might be next? Copyright: [wenn]

WWT (world's worst trousers) remains hard for normal people to catch, but experts fear it could mutate into a more deadly form that spreads easily from the high street

So far, most normal person cases have been linked to contact with Topshop.

The endemic has been likened to the harem pant craze of 2008.

The advice from professionals is to remain vilgilant at this time and remember that for now, WWT remains entrenched Mahiki and celebland only.

It typically flares up after midnight in affected nightclubs with increases in boy band and girl band cases.

We just wish Cheryl Cole the best of luck at the difficult time.