Cheryl Cole doesn’t even think about Simon Cowell anymore. Ouch.

Simon Cowell, look away now. Cheryl Cole has admitted she doesn't even think about you anymore.

Cheryl Cole, Simon CowellCheryl Cole is so over Simon Cowell. Copyright [Rex]

Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell haven't been on particularly good terms since he spectacularly fired her from X Factor USA after just a few short weeks on the judging panel last year.

The former X Factor UK co-judges started to make up with jokey tweets and banter, but it sounds like Simon Cowell might well be off Cheryl Cole's Christmas card list for good.

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During her interview with Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2, which is due to air this afternoon, Cheryl Cole admitted it was "kind of irritating" that she constantly gets asked about her old boss Simon Cowell.

Cheryl Cole added: "In my mind it's years ago, but people keep talking about him. It doesn't matter where I go, what interview I'm doing, people want to talk about Simon."

Cheryl Cole, Simon CowellCheryl Cole doesn't think about Simon Cowell these days. Copyright [Wenn]

So can we expect Cheryl Cole to work with Simon Cowell in the future? Apparently not.

Cheryl Cole continued: "I don't really even think about Simon, doesn't really come into my brain."


For a man with Simon Cowell's ego, that's got to hurt.

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Cheryl Cole also dished about her new album: "It's got a R&B influence, there's actually some dub step sounds on there, I know a lot of people hear that as noise, but I really like that feeling.

"Will is on there, Wretch 32's on there. It's got some dance feel, it's got some ballads and it's got some dubs."

Sounds amaze. Wonder what Simon will make of it?