Cheryl Cole bringe boyfriend Tre Holloway on girls’ night with Nicola Roberts

Tre Holloway must be pretty crazy about Cheryl Cole if he's happy to tag along on a girls' night out.

Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts and Tre HollowayCheryl Nicola and Tre went for dinner together. Copyright [Splash]Last night, Cheryl Cole, new boyfriend Tre Holloway and Chez's Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts all went out together.

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However, poor Tre looked a bit left out of proceedings as he tagged along behind the girls as they had a good old gossip.

Tre looked to be lagging behind the girls. Copyright [Splash]We can't imagine Tre would've had that much to contribute as Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts talked about nails and hair extensions and boys, but we think it's super cute that he came along anyway. Chez and Tre are fast becoming the cutest couple known to man.

And despite the FREEZING temperatures, both Cheryl and Nicola looked absolutely amazing, even if they weren't wearing coats. Tut.

Cheryl Cole and Nicola RobertsCheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts looked engaged in girly chit chat. Copyright [Splash]Whilst we're wearing every item of clothing we own in an attempt to battle against the cold, Cheryl and Nicola managed to look super stylish.

Cheryl Cole was rocking an amazing navy boiler suit teamed with leopard print shoe boots.

Nicola Roberts looked equally as gorgeous in skinny jeans, white top and hot pink cardigan.

However, we did shiver a bit when we saw that Nicola was wearing strappy shoes with her toes on display.

Frost bite anyone?!