Cheryl Cole’s new boyf’s Ma fears for her son: I just don’t want him getting hurt

Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway might be 'inseparable' but his mum is dead worried that our Chezza is going to use and abuse her precious son!

We reckon Tre's mum has nothing to worry about. Copyright: [rex]

Shirley Holloway is out to warn Cheryl not to mess about her son.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "She might hurt him. She's been married before. I don't know Cheryl. I've only seen pictures on the internet. Tre said she was pretty big"

Yeah Shirley, she does alright we suppose, just about scrapes by...

However, with Cheryl having had so much heartbreak in the past, we are more worried about Tre messing around Chezza.

So what does Shirley reckon the odds are?

"He wouldn't do that. That's not him. He has dated in the past in college and high school but it was nothing serious." She said.

Cheryl and Tre are believed to be 'inseperable'. Copyright: [rex/Facebook]

And Shirley admits she would love to meet Cheryl sometime soon.

"Of course I'm curious to meet her. If this is a serious relationship then I'm looking forward to meeting her because I trust Tre's judgment. If he likes her, then she must be a good person."

We are sure Mrs Holloway has the best intentions for her son but is there anything worse than a new boyfriend's mum getting all involved?

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Give Chezza a chance, we can definitely vouch that she is a good egg, fear not Mrs Holloway!

Meanwhile, it seems Tre isn't so worried after he was spotted on a dinner date with Cheryl last night, the third this week.

Cheryl has been seeing Tre since her 29th birthday in March, they are believed to have been 'inseperable' ever since.