Cheryl Cole's MASSIVE back tattoo gets branded 'tacky' in a new poll - apparently you lot aren't fans of her inking...

Cheryl Cole debuted her brand new back tattoo last night, showing off the MASSIVE rose inking on stage with Girls Aloud.

Cheryl Cole's new back tattoo, which basically covers her whole lower back in roses, has been branded 'tacky' by …

And while Chezza might have proudly been showing the new design off in several backless ensembles, you lot were less than impressed by it.

In a brand new poll of almost 400 people, 70 percent of you labelled the rose tattoo as 'tacky', while only 15 per cent thought it looked nice.

According to the findings on, Chezza's inking was also labelled as "chavvy" and "disgusting" by disgruntled fans (or 'haterz' as the case may be).

Cheryl's design, which is her tenth, apparently took 11 hours to complete and covers the entire lower half of her back.

One of omg! Facebook fans wrote: "I like Cheryl, i like tattoos, but that's feckin vile. Looks like a massive birthmark."

While another said: "I Don't usually like tattoos on girls, but Cheryl looks fab."

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The 29-year-old previously said she wouldn't mind getting her entire back covered one day - which she's practically done now.

Cheryl said: "If it was up to me - and I could be brave for one day - I would have my whole back done.

"My friends say, 'Cheryl, please, you might regret it' - but to me, it's art."

What do YOU guys think?

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