Cheryl Cole asked for MY number’ says Labrinth (looks like MC Harvey has competition)

Cheryl Cole is not short of male admirers and just weeks after MC Harvey claimed he had a relationship with the signer, Labrinth has revealed to omg! that she asked for his number.

cheryl cole labrinth
During our exclusive chat the producer told us: "Tinie [Tempah] called me and said, 'Lab, Chris Martin just rung and he's standing next to Cheryl — she wants your number.'

"I had to ask him to say it again, so he passed my number on to give it to Cheryl."

Does this number exchange signal a hot new love in for two of the hottest names in the music biz?

"She's too busy with, I haven't got a chance," Labrinth added. "Let's put it this way, Cheryl is nice but I'm 22, she's 28…
"I do like older women, I've got involved with a 30 year old before, maybe I was a little too young."

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While working together romantically isn't on the cards, a creative collaboration may just be, but the producer who dominated the charts with Earthquake requires a lot from those he works with.
He said: "I wouldn't work with Jedward, they don't really sing, I need to work with people who care a bit more about music.

"When Emeli Sande talks about singers like Nina Simone, you can hear it in them, they find a new way of interpreting a star's aura.

"Plan B, Adele and Emeli have found their own way of being legendary."
While Labrinth has his own selection of stars who he admires, he's not snob about musical genres. We asked him if there was a hierarchy in the music industry, and he thinks it's all about persepctives:

"There is a hierarchy in terms of coolness but it depends how people see it.

"I look at coolness in terms of the scene. You can be cool in the pop scene and cool in the urban scene. And they don't fit with each other.

"I wouldn't put plan B in the same bracket as Tinie Tempah because they are doing different things and they execute it in different ways.

"Boy bands are cool in their own way. Justin Bieber basically is cool, it's not cool for me, it's not my style of music I know there's kids out there there's a scene out there that loves what he does, but it's not my flavour."

So diplomatic! We nudged Labrinth a little to ask if he was a fan of the Bieber to which he said:

"The only reason I hate Justin Bieber is that any girl I get involved with they utter his name like he's Jesus so I'm like 'What about me Justin.'"

Labrinth, we can assure you girls will be saying your name in THAT way very soon.