Cheryl Cole and crashed car on a 3am McDonalds trip

Cheryl Cole and reportedly crashed their car yesterday on a 3am McDonalds mission.

Cheryl and Will just love those 99p cheeseburgers! Copyright: [wenn]

Apparently the pair had been busy in the studio and got so into their recording session that they forgot to eat, meaning they fancied a cheeky late night jaunt to McDonalds.

Which is exactly where they were coming back from when Will swerved into a parked car resulting in the crash that left Cheryl with a bloodied nose.

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Friends told The Sun newspaper: ''Both Cheryl and were desperate for some food after working all day in the studio. They only intended to nip out for a quick bite -- but ended up staying up for most of the night.''

So really, this is double news.

Firstly, now we know how Will managed to bump into a parked car but also, who would have thought Ms Cole would let McDonalds anywhere near those beautiful lips?

However, it is a well known fact that everyone loves a Big Mac and fries, just maybe not people with a bod like Chezza's!

Not such a happy meal after all... Copyright: [Twitter/ Cheryl Cole]

Yes, we know we shouldn't joke after things like this but we bet that wasn't such a happy meal!

However, we now know the crash was small and both have tweeted to let us know they are doing great and this was just a minor bump.

Friends even say that both Will and Chezza are joking about the incident and can't believe the public outcry.

However, Cheryl was pictured returning home yesterday with her poorly arm in a sling, so we must admit we were a bit worried.

Yet she is already back hard at work rehearsing for her upcoming tour a source told The Mirror she is keen to not let the incident affect her work.

''She's a workaholic and in this respect, it's a good thing as it will take her mind off what happened.''