Cheryl Cole admits she doesn’t watch The X Factor

While Cheryl Cole may be fine following her recent minor car accident, it seems she is still cagey when it comes to talking about The X Factor.Cheryl turned up to Radio One with her poorly arm in a sling. Copyright: [wenn]

Speaking to Fearne Cotton on Radio One the former X Factor judge became guarded and revealed that she hasn't even watched this years' show.

Following one very awkward pause, Cheryl said that she doesn't even recognize this years' show in comparison to the years she was judging.

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Fearne then asked if it's like watching an old boyfriend and Cheryl quickly said:

"It's not — I watched it last year and it seems like a different show."

And as for this year, Cheryl isn't even bothering to switch on, saying she is just too busy.

Fearne asked if she would watch it now and the Girls Aloud star said: "No, I wouldn't have time now."

Cheryl was a judge on X Factor. Copyright: [wenn]

Speaking about her recent car accident she confirmed she is absolutely fine, if a little groggy from all the jet lag!

"Honestly, it's fine — I am absolutely good. More than anything it's the shock — we were out getting fries!" the singer said

To which Fearne quipped, 'and then Will drove into a wall!' with Cheryl replying:

"As you do — I've driven into a wall before!"

And as for Will, it seems he is recovering just as well as Cheryl.

"Will's in a neck brace but it's far worse than it looks!" Chezza told Fearne.

She also talked about her plans to collaborate with Olympic diver and fitty, Tom Daley for some diving lessons for her forthcoming tour.

"That should happen soon because I need to work on my form, Tom said I would have belly flopped so I feel like I need to work on it if I'm going to include it on the tour"

We are crossing all our fingers that this happens!