Cher Lloyd’s milkshake is so good, she gets mobbed for it!

Cher Lloyd created quite a stir over in America when she was literally mobbed by paps and fans.

Cher Lloyd makes a mean milkshake. Copyright: [rex]

Cher is now so popular in the US, that she was even invited to create her very own milkshake at Millions of Milkshake in Hollywood.

Yep, the people of Hollywood need milkshakes too y'know.

So your own personalised milkshake, that's basically Hollywood Walk of Fame standard, right?

However, in order to get to the milkshake shop, Cher had to walk from her tour bus. Easy for us normal folk, mayhem for Cher Lloyd.


In the video Cher leaves her tour bus to what seems like hundreds of screaming girls, shouting things like 'You're so pretty!' and 'You're adorable!'.

The kind of thing that happens to us when we pop out to Tesco, basically.

Cher Lloys is BIG in the US! Copyright: [rex]

However, Cher was unphased by the throngs of fans and wrote on Twitter later:  "Had an amazing time @Milkshakes247 thanks to everyone that showed up!!!xxx"

But just what is it with seeing a celeb and screaming? Just why do we do it? You wouldn't go into a restaurant and squeal at the waiter. Well, unless he was REALLY hot.


But yes, those US folk just can't get enough of the former X Factor finalist.

We really have given them the best music, haven't we? The Wanted, One Direction and now Cher Lloyd!

We wish One Direction had their own milkshake, we reckon it would taste like Harry's hair wax.