Cher Lloyd: “My fans are my little team” the singer answers YOUR questions

Cher Lloyd has a pretty hardcore following… they tweet her every move and the singer certainly appreciates it!

Cher lloyd

When we met the petite pop star we asked our usual journalisty questions, but as we asked her to answer YOUR questions she suddenly perked up!

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"Yeah, yeah yeah, I want to hear from the fans," she said.

"I have very loyal fans you won't find fans like this anywhere else! They know where I am every day always coming to meet me.

"It's great as I keep seeing the same faces so I'm getting to learn their names which is really nice. They're like my little team."

cher lloydStyle star: Cher Lloyd rocks an array of looks / WENN

So without wasting any more word space, here's what Cher Lloyd responded to your Twitter questions with:

Which style do you prefer: upbeat and up tempo, or down-tempo and stripped back? From @SteveNelson15
"For me as a vocalist down tempo and stripped back. I love to shock people a lot of people haven't actually heard me sing properly. They haven't heard my actual voice, when I strip a song back it makes me feel good. It shocks a lot of people!"

Where do you see yourself in five years? From @christianOvO
"My album should have done really well and I'll have another album out. I  want to help a lot of people. There's so many things I'm able to do now. I suddenly have a voice I can now change things. This is one of the upsides to being in the limelight, I can help people and that's what I want to do."

What's your ring tone? From @XXCHERLLOYDxx
"I have the standard blackberry ringtone. If you have a song and you've left it as that for a while it can be a bit old, unless it's my songs [laughs]"

Cher lloydFaithful following: Cher Lloyd loves her fans

Do you get nervous when meeting fans? From @XXCHERLLOYDxx
"Yes, I'd be scared to meet my idol! I  wouldn't want them to be anything different to what I already have in my head. These fans adore me and I worry they'll be disappointed when the meet me. I'd really hate that."

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be? From @MrsODonoghuex
"I've already done my collaborations and they want more? I'm really happy with the people I got to work with, they're divers and  different. I'd always said I'd like to work with Nicki Minaj and fingers crossed in the near future I'll try and make that happen.

If you go on tour what would you name it? From @CherSwaggerBrat
"Something very strange. I named my album and I've had it in my head for a very long time, before any of this happened to me. The tour name has to mean something to me, it won't be a five minute jot down."

What perfume do you wear? From @AliceMountford

"It changes a lot with me. I switch between Chloe, Dior and a Britney Fantasy it's the best perfume she's ever brought out."

Do you feel more confident about With Ur Love than you did Swagger Jaggger? From @cherlloyd4eva
"No not at all, I'm very very nervous. You have to keep your mind open, I have been getting a better response this time though."

What was Louis' face like when you winked at him after your X Factor performance? From @xxCHERLLOYDxx
"I think he enjoyed my performance he was the first one to stand up I appreciate that."