Cher Lloyd considers quitting due to haters

Cher Lloyd at her 'Swagger Jagger' signing yesterday / WireImage
Cher Lloyd put on a brave face at the signing of her new single 'Swagger Jagger' at Westfield in London yesterday, but the pop star is finding all the negativity directed at her too much to handle. Oh no!

She told the Sun that she just wants the public to give her a "break." All the haters upset Cher so much she says it "makes me think that I don't even want to do this anymore."

The 'X Factor' star revealed she had high expectations for a life of fame and fortune, but the reality is "so tough," with men writing abusive messages to her on Twitter and none of her school friends sticking by her.

Cher doesn't even have her mentor Cheryl Cole to lean on. She also revealed this week that she's never even had Chezza's mobile number, telling BRMB: "I've got more chance of winning the lottery than catching up with her."

She has received advice from Simon Cowell, however, and told the Sunday Mirror that she really looks up to him, saying: "I just ignore anyone that doesn't like my music. I'm not stopping until I have a Bentley like Simon has got."

Even with the haters on her case, Cher told the Sun she's going to make sure people get to know the real her, and although it'll take time she'll be ok:  "Everything turns out all right in the end."

Cher should also take some comfort from the news 'Swagger Jagger' is number one in the midweek chart.

Sounds like she's not too down in the dumps, then. Phew.