Chantelle Houghton reveals she wore full face of make-up to give birth

Chantelle Houghton has spoken about her newborn baby daughter for the first time.

Chantelle HoughtonChantelle Houghton has spoken about giving birth. Copyright [Wenn]

Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton welcomed their daughter on Father's Day, with the cage fighter tweeting their good news on Sunday.

Chantelle Houghton has now also spoken about the birth of her baby girl, and we're LOL-ing at her confession that she wore a full face of slap for the event.

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In her new! magazine column, Chantelle Houghton said: "I popped into Selfridges last week and bought a couple of tops and some make-up because I want to look nice for when people come to see the baby.

"I actually put a full face of make-up on before I went to the hospital to give birth — I had to have my armour on so that I was ready for battle!"

Chantelle Houghton, Alex ReidChantelle Houghton and Alex Reid are proud paretns to a baby girl. Copyright [Wenn]

Alex Reid was the one to break the big news, tweeting: "I'm delighted to announce the arrival of my beautiful baby daughter early this morning. Both mother and baby doing well..X

"This really is the most amazing day ever for the 3 of us. Life isn't good,it's great. I love my girls so much. Happy ecstatic fathers day! X"

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Chantelle Houghton also said: "I'm so happy and excited my baby is finally here! She's so beautiful! In the days leading up to the birth, I had been waking up at 5.30am worrying about it — I was so frightened.

"I had a hospital appointment last Tuesday and they told me that her head was engaged. At that point, the doctor actually decided against giving me an internal examination because she didn't want me to freak out if she had to tell me that my cervix was opening!"

We're glad to hear everything's worked out well for Chantelle.  Bless.