Chantelle Houghton has found herself a new man, let’s hope she can now move on from Alex Reid

Chantelle Houghton is reportedly dating for the first time since splitting from Alex Reid.

Chantelle Houghton has a new man in her life. Copyright [Wenn]

The 29-year-old mum-of-one is alleged to be dating Harley Street hypnotherapist Dominic Knight who she met on a trip to the dentist.

Hypnotherapist eh?

Maybe he can help Chantelle forget all the drama that has surrounded her for the past year.

The Mirror reports that sources close to reality TV star say that although she wants to take things slowly with her new man, Chantelle has never been happier.

The source said: “Chantelle’s wearing a smile on her face again. She started to think there wouldn’t be another man in her life again.

“She doesn’t want to be jumping into a relationship too quickly after the problems she’s had.

“But she’s chuffed that a Harley Street professional wants to ask her out.”

Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid had a messy break up to say the least. Copyright [Splash]

Chantelle was left heartbroken after leaving Alex Reid following the birth of the couple’s daughter Dolly last year.

After the break up, Chantelle took to Twitter to explain why she had split from Alex and revealed that he had barely visited Dolly since her birth.

She wrote: “For the record I've been asking Alex to send me a schedule of when he'd like to see dolly but he won't commit. He can come and see her whenever he wants to.

"Oh and yes when I was 8 months pregnant Alex turned my house into a sex dungeon and I slept on my flat floor for days cos I couldn't come home.

“Now I know what Katie price went through and she got the blame back then! I will walk to the end of the earth for my daughter and he will not be getting my money nor will he get Dolly's money."

Let's hope this is the fresh start Chantelle deserves.

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