Chantelle Houghton forgets Alex Reid drama, has a night out

Poor old Chantelle Houghton has had a tough time of it recently following her split with Alex Reid.

Chantelle HoughtonChantelle Houghton showed last night that she is moving on from Alex Reid. Copyright [WENN]However, last night Chantelle Houghton did her best 'over it' face for her first outing since her shocking revelations about Alex Reid.

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Chantelle has been looking pretty drawn recently, discarding makeup and pretty much living in leggings.

However, last night Chantelle was back to her former fabulous self.

Chantelle HoughtonChantelle Houghton got properly dressed up for her night out. Copyright [WENN]The star was dressed in a silver metallic jumpsuit, paired with white heels and a cream Chanel handbag that we would quite like in our own wardrobes.

Chantelle wore her hair parted in the middle and pulled back into a ponytail. Gorg-eous.

She smiled for the cameras and looked much happier than we've seen her in months.

The reality TV star even took to Twitter this morning to confirm that she's feeling more positive.

She tweeted: "Woke up this morning in my new house feeling really happy and looking forward to my future xxxxx"

And we're glad. It seems Chantelle has been through an absolute nightmare over the past few months after splitting from Alex Reid just months after she had their first baby, Dolly.

The whole split culminated in Chantelle having a complete meltdown on Twitter. She revealed that Alex Reid had been messaging other men for sex and had turned their house into a 'sex dungeon'.

We're just glad Chantelle seems to be moving on from the whole ordeal.