Chantelle Houghton explains plans for a boob reduction and jaw realignment

Chantelle Houghton has revealed that she is planning to have cosmetic surgery on her jaw and boobs.

Chantelle is planning two procedures. Copyright: [rex]

Chantelle confessed all in her column for New! magazine saying that she is in the process of planning two procedures this year.

The former BB star wrote: "I had a consultation and a CT scan at the Facial Wellness Clinic in London last Wednesday."

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"As you know, since last year I’ve been experiencing problems with my teeth and jaw."

Well, we didn't know but carry on...

"I feel like it has affected my whole body and I am in daily pain. I’m going to have realignment surgery over the next four months, so hopefully I can feel normal again."

Chantelle wants her boobs implants removed. Copyright: [rex]

Y'see, Chantelle had problems with her jaw following a root canal and before that, a set of uncomfortable veneers.

OK, so we suppose that's fair enough but just how do you explain the boobs?

Chantelle added: "I’m also going to have a breast reduction this year,"

"I’ve wanted my implants taken out for ages, but I don’t like the thought of going under the knife now I’ve got Dolly."

"I guess I’ll have to have an uplift, but I’ll find out when I have my consultation next month."

Chantelle is currently a huge 32 E/F.

What do you think about Chantelle's decision to go back under the knife?

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