Chantelle Houghton: I caught Alex Reid wearing my wedding ring from Preston

Chantelle Houghton finally cracked earlier this week when she revealed on Twitter that Alex Reid had cheated on her with another man.

Chantelle has revealed more details about her engagement to Alex Reid. [Copyright Splash]

Talking to The Sun, Chantelle Houghton has now revealed that she once walked in on Alex Reid wearing her old wedding ring that was given to her by ex-husband Samuel Preston who she met on Celebrity Big Brother.

She told the paper: "I found Alex wearing my wedding ring from Preston and another ring I was given by someone special. I will never forget what I saw. I'd just finished Dolly's nursery. There was her cot and her clothes, and next door all this was going on."

Chantelle also went into great detail about the night she returned home while eight months pregnant to find that Alex had turned their home into a sex dungeon, dressed as his alter ego Roxanne.

She told the paper: "I came home expecting to find Alex asleep but what I walked into was horrific.

"I went upstairs and it had been turned into a sex dungeon. My underwear was all over the landing. Then I walked into the bedroom and saw Alex dressed as his alter ego Roxanne — in stockings, suspenders, a red wig, make-up and heels.

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"He had pierced his ears with my earrings and they were bleeding. He had my false eyelashes on and there were sex toys all over the room, with porn playing on the TV."

Chantelle also believed that Alex wasn't in his right mind at the time, possibly due to the use of legal highs.

We don't blame Chantelle for her reaction. Alex as Roxanne- terrifying. [Copyright Rex]

She continued: "He looked off his head. I believe he had been taking legal highs. His eyes were glassy and wild. He was staring, as if in a trance, and was dripping with sweat. The place stank of smoke — he only ever smokes as Roxanne — and just grossness.

"I begged him to stop but he kept saying how horny he felt and asked me to perform a sex act on him."

Looking back, Chantelle Houghton admits that she has no desire to reunite with her ex and is now focused on doing right by their daughter Dolly.

She explained: "I don't miss Alex at all, I miss what my life should be like. But Dolly is amazing, I'm so in love. She's such a happy little girl.

"I've been stupid with men and it will take a lot to trust someone. But I would like to meet someone, maybe have more children.

"For now, I've got to concentrate on giving Dolly the best life I can."

Well that is the most important thing.