Channing Tatum to be a DAD! We predict one GORGEOUS baby!

Cue massive congratulations... Channing Tatum is expecting his first baby with his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Channing and Jenna are expecting! Copyright: [wenn]

So yes, that was the pitter patter of teeny tiny celeb feet you could hear!

A representative confirmed today: "Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Channing Tatum are pleased to announce that they are expecting the birth of their first child next year."

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Wow, will that be one genetically blessed little bundle of (super hot) joy?

Yes, we know all children are beautiful etc etc, but come on, this is Channing Tatum we are talking about.

Channing and Jenna are having a baby! Copyright:[wenn]

And according to US magazine, the baby was a total surprise to the couple - we like to think of it as a surprise Christmas present!

However, Channing admitted in a recent interview that he was 'ready' to be a Dad and even hinted he would like more than one.

He said: "I'm ready; I think she's ready. The first number that pops into my head is three, but I just want one to be healthy and then we'll see where we go after that."

Now excuse us while we go and knit some baby booties.